.338 Lapua Magnum Kit
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Here is a rendering of our .338 Lapua Magnum unfinished kit

What we have done here is something special. We have built an AR-15 style weapon around the .338 Lapua cartridge and a 10 shot double-stack magazine. Imagine having the power and range of the .338 Lapua combined with the extreme flexibility and customizability of the AR-15 platform. 

This .338 Lapua kit is intended for those with very good hobby building skills and will require careful building and may require some minor modification to some off the shelf parts in order to work.  If you are not willing to put in the effort, then this kit is NOT for you. (Alternatively we have an assembled version of this gun kit)

What is included in the kit:

Custom Upper CNC machined from Military grade aluminum

Custom Bolt carrier side charging made from steel

Custom upsized Bolt, Extractor and Cam Pin

Custom firing Pin

Custom Piston kit

Custom 80% lower receiver---machining jig rental FREE.  (Lower uses standard DPMS lower parts kit)

41V50 Mil Spec steel barrel  ~25” long, chambered and head spaced to bolt and custom barrel extension. (~27” chrome/moly barrel available +$100 ~29” chrome/moly barrel + $250)

Barrel threaded for 5/8”-24 compensator

Kit includes a list of all other suggested parts as well as tips on how to make them work for this build.

NOTICE: Only pre-orders accepted currently

  • Item #: 338L-KZ

.338 Lapua Magnum Kit

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