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300 AAC Blackout Barrel Barrel Services
300 AAC Blackout BarrelBarrel Services

Our 300 AAC barrel Chrome/moly barrel has a 1:8 twist rate. The options muzzle brake threading and Custom barrel lengths are avaliable.

Click here to visit our barrel customization service center to put the finishing touches on your new Advantech Precision barrel. 



5.56 NATO Barrel 6.8 SPC II Barrel
5.56 NATO Barrel6.8 SPC II Barrel

Our Carbine Length M4 Mil-spec 14” barrel is made from 41v50 Mil-spec steel with the option to add a 1/2”-28 thread for muzzle break. Custom Barrel Lengths include 15", 17", 18-21"

The A.P. 6.8 SPC barrel is chambered for high pressures and is ready to be added to your AR-15 platform weapon.



DPMS AR-10 Barrel .260 Remington Barrel
DPMS AR-10 Barrel.260 Remington Barrel

Chambered for .308 Win and 7.62 x 51, the AP DMPS AR-10 Chrome/moly Barrel ready to fire. 

Chambered for .308 necked down to fit 6.5mm bullets, our .260 Remington Barrel uses the same bolt as the AR-10 and is the caliber of choice for many long-range shooters. (Shoots much flatter and carries energy down range!!)