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Assembled .338 Lapua Magnum Kit Down Payment--.338 Lapua Magnum Kit
Assembled .338 Lapua Magnum KitDown Payment--.338 Lapua Magnum Kit

The completely assembled .338 Lapua Magnum upper receiver takes the hassle out of our custom designed and built .338 Lapua Magnum kit.

We have been told that you really like and want our .338 Lapua, but coming by that kind of coin is tough. We have worked out a 6 payment system. Let me assure you, you will save over $1500, buying our finished upper and using our 80% lower....



Lay Away Program .338 Lapua Magnum Kit
Lay Away Program.338 Lapua Magnum Kit
Get the meanest long distance kit available, and get it on order today!! Take advantage of our layaway program for the biggest gun in our line-up. One down payment of 750 and 6 equal payments of $675 are all that stands between you and your own 338 Lapua AR kit.

What we have done here is something special. We have built an AR-15 style weapon around the .338 Lapua cartridge. Imagine having the power and range of the .338 Lapua combined with the extreme flexibility and customizability of the AR-15 platform.