Mistake Coverage Warranty
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Mistakes- we’ve all made them, and often they are hard to correct. That’s why we made our warranty pretty simple. You purchase the warranty for your lower receiver and we will stamp a number code on the lower receiver.  You will receive a warranty card with your purchase of a warranty and a lower receiver. The warranty card’s number code matches the stamped number code on your lower receiver. In the event of an irreversible mistake while you are machining your lower receiver, you will return your lower receiver with its own warranty card, we will match up the encrypted codes, and you are provided with a new, non-stamped lower for another try as quickly as possible. Any questions or concerns? - Just email us; we might know an easy fix. Plus, if you tell us what you did wrong, we can use that information to help keep others from making the same mistake.  Don’t feel bad about whatever mistake you made; let us work out the details to make this mistake an easy fix.

Additional Details:

-Standard pricing is for AR-15 Lowers, other options avaliable

-After you successfully complete your machining, that stamp can be removed from your lower

-We only mark warranty parts

-Each warranty covers one lower receiver. .

-The speed of replacement may be quick, as we hold some inventory; but these lowers are popular and quick replacement cannot be guaranteed.

-Contact us at steve@advantechprecision.com


  • Item #: ARWL

Mistake Coverage Warranty

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